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1000% UPDATE

Friday, 20 May 2022

Hi Everyone, Mathew from Unbound here. Just in case you hadn't seen on his YouTube channel Dan has posted a little extract from the book to mark it hitting 1000% funding! Thanks for your support.

Release Date Update

Monday, 14 February 2022

The book isn’t coming out in 2021. If that fact surprised you, then you’ve really not been paying attention.

When I launched the book in 2019, eight years ago, I thought 2021 would be a fine date to set. Couple of years away, twice as long as the last one took to write, what could possibly go wrong?


Anyway, to hell with 2021. Faeces year. Didn’t deserve The Paradox Paradox. 2022…


Friday, 8 October 2021

Dear all, i thought you might like to read the introduction that Dan's has written for our new Doctor Who book. It is, as you would expect very funny and very Dan. If you also pledged for the book we would eternally grateful and it would undoubtedly help Dan's three step plan to take over Doctor Who as revealed in his recent…

I am bad at updates

Thursday, 25 February 2021

In the same way that hob-based kettles scream for your attention after being left alone for a while, I’ve noticed that the best time to write an update here is when lots of people start asking me “Have you forgotten about that book you were supposed to be writing?”

So… Hello! The Paradox Paradox is still marching slowly towards it’s goal of being a finished book. The plot and planning are done…

One Year Later…

Saturday, 26 September 2020

Dinah Washington once sang ‘What a Difference a Day Makes’, but she didn’t bother to warn us about what 365 of the little bastards could accomplish while working together. Remember what the world was like back in September 2019, back before toilet paper became the new currency? Aside from… all of that… we’re all older, we’re all fatter, and one of us at least has written quite a lot of book.


Writing in progress
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