Paper Tigers

By Toby Howden

Martial arts and misadventure in Japan

Monday, 27 June 2016

A book, tight shut, is but a block of paper

Following the incredible excitement of reaching the funding target, it occurred to me that it’s high time I gave you all a quick update of what is happening with Paper Tigers. 

After one final emotional read through, I took a deep breath, and submitted the full manuscript. Things have now moved into the production process. This will include a structural edit, a copy edit stage and a proofing stage. The whole process should take place over the next 16 weeks or so.

During the structural edit an experienced editor will read and annotate the manuscript, making suggestions for improvements on a broader structural level, as well as raising queries and edits on a page-by-page basis. They will also provide a written report. After this the manuscript will go through a brief formatting check and then be passed on to a copy editor for the next stage. 

It's all very exciting and I am trying to maintain a kind of dignified calm whilst I wait for my editor’s report, rather than viewing the whole thing as the ultimate essay crisis. You never know, they might say it's perfect as it is! (Joke). 

Again, thank you everyone for your support. This would not be happening without your belief and generosity. I will keep you all updated.

Please spread the word that Paper Tigers is still available for pre-orders with Unbound at:

Much love,


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