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Friday, 5 April 2019

The Final Stretch!

My poor, neglected book backers,

I realise it's been over three months since my last update but I have a very good excuse... I've been writing a book! (have I mentioned I'm writing a book?)

The past few months have basically been me, in my living room, wearing a fluffy dressing gown and drinking lots of tea and completely destroying my posture whilst I sit, hunched over a laptop all day, trying to write a book. Turns out writing a book is quite hard. Not that I thought it would be easy. But it's really very difficult. Some days I stare into space trying to figure out the answer to a problem I've most likely created for myself. Some days I frantically write thousands of words. Some days I squeeze out maybe fifty words. Some days I think I've done a great job. Some days I hate everything. Some days I scream and cry and give up. Some days I act like I never gave up and keep going. This, apparently, is writing. It's all part of the process and since this is my first novel, I'm learning that as I go.

The next few months will be much the same I imagine, but I am in the final stretch now and by June, come hell or high water, I will be submitting a finished first draft to Unbound. I met with the team there recently to discuss plans for the rest of the year - the edit, the art work, the campaign - but they kindly reminded me that the only thing I actually need to focus on right now is finishing the book.

So this is me telling you that that's what I'm doing, finishing the book. You won't be seeing much of me until then but after that you'll see so much of me that I promise you'll wish I was too busy writing to spend all day every day banging on about my book.

Until then,

Much love,




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Drew Tepper
 Drew Tepper says:

god speed. take your time. <3

posted 8th April 2019

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