By Kristian Brodie and Adam Shakinovsky

An anthology of true stories about life-changing music

Thursday, 1 October 2020

The OneTrackMinds Anthology - Now Supporting Samaritans!

Patient and loving supporters of OTM, we write to you with some exciting news!

Over the last few months, as we've all struggled through lockdown and its associated uncertainties, we've felt more than a little bit sheepish asking people to pledge money for our book. We know how the pandemic has affected all of us financially, and we recognise that, as lovely as an anthology of stories about life-changing songs may be, there may be more pressing matters for people to spend their money on. 

At the same time, we know from our five years of doing OneTrackMinds that the joy of sharing stories can be an immensely therapeutic act as well. We are always blown away by the number of people who have approached us after a live show to say that hearing a particular story has helped them feel part of something and, more importantly, as though they’re not alone. 

We badly want this book to happen, so that the benefits of sharing stories can be felt far and wide, and revisited time and time again. And we wanted to pay this benefit forward by making this book a charitable endeavour. 

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our contributors who have collectively agreed to waive their fees, we are able to donate 100% of our share of profits from the book (50% profit from each copy sold) directly to an incredibly good cause - The Samaritans. 

Given that there are so many of us who feel overwhelmed and isolated at the moment, we feel more convinced than ever that the book can help in more ways than one.

So today, we're relaunching our crowdfunding campaign. Happily, we're doing so from a fantastic position - thanks to your support, we're now already 72% of the way to our funding target. 

But we still have a way to go.

You’ve already pledged support - thank you so much - so please forward this to anyone you think would like the book, and to support a fantastic cause. If every one of you gets just one person to pledge, then we're well over the line! And to make things even more enticing, there is a 10% discount code on every pledge reward for anyone seeing this. Just use the code: ONETRACKMINDS10

What's more, we've added some really exciting new pledge levels to tempt your friends to pledge - and maybe even get you to increase your pledge as well! These range from limited edition posters from the very first OneTrackMinds shows, to an amazing new (also limited edition!) T-shirt designed by well-known artist Steve Chapman. And if you've ever wanted to know the secrets of telling your own OneTrackMinds story, you can pledge to receive a pdf of the official style guide we give to all of our contributors before the live shows. It's as easy as:

We've also announced some new contributors to the book - Joan Iyiola, Barry Adamson, Inua Ellams, Stella Duffy and Andy Nyman - and there'll be more to come as we fill out our lineup. 

Over the weeks leading up to Christmas you can expect to hear more about your talented contributors to the book, the great work of the Samaritans, and, of course, our very wonderful pledge rewards that make this all that much more fun.

So please send this link to friends and family. It will be an amazing read, a wonderful gift and a real help to people who need it.

Best always,

Adam & Kristian

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