By Kristian Brodie and Adam Shakinovsky

An anthology of true stories about life-changing music

Friday, 16 October 2020

Less than £2000 to go!!! Next stop, 95% by the end of October

You are all like well-oiled machines, it’s scary!

Ever since Kristian and I have been watching what you've been doing this week, we've been as ecstatic as a freshly minted merman.

Seriously though, this week you have had us creeping ever closer to that 90% mark. So thank you for pledging, upgrading, sharing the news, and buying the books for Christmas/friends.

We even had one supporter who bought 8 books for his office. Something to think about, people…Better than socks,  novelty elf ears or a mini-bottle of gin.

With heart-filling stories of life-changing songs, it’s got the spirit of Christmas baked right into each page (okay, MOST pages).

Please help us get to 90% by continuing to share this link, and keep thinking of friends who might like the book!

Once again in this update we have:

- Another contributor spotlight; this time on the peerless Joan Iyiola.

- A reminder from Samaritans that reaching out in even a small way can make a difference

- Two more reward highlights

- Show news


Contributor Spotlight - Joan Iyiola

On February 19th, 2019 Joan Iyiola had some incredibly tough acts to follow at Wilton’s Music Hall.

Shazia Mirza kicked us off with some razor-sharp comedy, travelling back in time to her youth in Birmingham, back when Morrisey was significantly less controversial. Nick Jessup had us in stitches with a hip-hop story about the foibles of families, nudging us to say sorry and I love you to those nearest to us.  To close the first half, Carrie Grant brought the whole of Wilton’s Music hall to tears with a story about ‘Amazing Grace’. She then proceeded to sing it as well and hauntingly as any angel imaginable.

If anyone thought that the bar would drop after the interval, Mark Shayler inspired us to believe that no one looks stupid when they’re having fun, before Nell Stephens made us yearn achingly for true love.

In the wake of all of this, any reasonably confident storyteller might quake and shakily make their way onto the stage with their heart in their mouth.

However, Joan Iyiola - RSC veteran, HBO short film award-winner, rocketing star of stage and screen - cannot be aptly described as just a reasonably confident storyteller.

The future Dame (we called it first) stepped onto the stage with the same poise and self-possession as a Greek god about to get in some lightning-bolt hurling practice. But what could she do?

She could make us laugh (which she did). She could make us realise the power of iconic musicians to change lives (which she did). Then, having pulled this off effortlessly, she could make history. Which she very much did.


In all the years of OneTrackMinds leading up to this, we had had audiences humming, toe-tapping, maybe even the sporadic singalong. There had been head bobbing, lyric mouthing, and even one stage invasion to a Paul Simon song. But up until that point we had never had the entire audience of Wilton’s Music Hall, stalls and balcony, on their feet and dancing in the aisles.

This note isn’t to tell you how she did it. You’ve pledged already for the privilege of enjoying that discovery in your own time. This note is to remind you that you will now have, on a few pages, a door back to a point in time where people felt the joy and power of Joan’s words, and her accompanying song, down to their very socks.

And that’s only one of the 25 worlds you’ve accepted an invitation into. Well done again.


Small Talk Saves Lives

Call it water cooler chat, chewing the fat, or shooting the breeze. But even the banalest conversation could help someone in trouble connect to the world outside their own struggles. So you don't have to ask a stranger "What's the one song that changed your life?" (at least, not to start with...).

You could begin by talking about the weather, about public transport or by telling a joke about Boris Johnson. Even better, you could take a look at the Samaritans site here for some tips and inspiration.

Keep it chatty out there, people.

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More Shows

As well as (hopefully) coming back to Wilton’s in Jan, Feb, and March 2021(, OneTrackMinds has been invited to host a show at the Wolverhampton Litfest 2021. It might be virtual or it might be live but it will be intimate and wonderful regardless. The line-up isn’t announced yet but if you’re curious about the festival take a look!



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