By Kristian Brodie and Adam Shakinovsky

An anthology of true stories about life-changing music

Monday, 6 June 2022

It's Nearly Here...

Hello friends! Well, the day we've been waiting for (for something close to three years I think...) is very nearly here! You've probably already received a message from the Unbound team to check that your address is up to date, because, yes, our anthology is finally printed and ready to be sent out to you. Tomorrow, Adam and I are heading in to Unbound HQ to sign copies for those kind pledgers who opted for the signed or super-signed copies, and we are ridiculously excited about it. 

We're so grateful to all of you who have pledged for this book - without you, it simply wouldn't have happened. And thanks to you, a real, actual, proper, physical book made of paper and bound with glue is going to exist in the world! That's pretty amazing. And all of you who've pledged will have your names in the back of the book as proof of your generoristy and awesomeness for the rest of time. 

Tomorrow evening, Adam and I will be joined by many (if not most) of our contributing writers at The Woolpack Bar in Bermondsey, where we'll be signing the super-signed copies of the book. It's far from a proper book launch (of which more in a moment), and really won't be very fancy or anything, but if you're in the vicinity, do swing by and say hello! We can raise a glass together! We'll be there (98 Bermondesey Street, SE1 3UB) from around 6pm.

For a much more celebratory affair, we're thrilled to announce that our proper book launch is going to coincide with our next show at Wilton's Music Hall on Thursday June 30th. We'll be putting on our regular night of music and storytelling, but we'll also be inviting all of our contributor storytellers who'll hopefully join us for a drink before and after the show. We'd love you to come along and join the celebrations. Tickets are available here 

Once again, a huge thank you to all of you for helping to make our dream come true. We are and will always be enormously grateful. 

Much love, 

Kristian and Adam

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