By Kristian Brodie and Adam Shakinovsky

An anthology of true stories about life-changing music

Thursday, 27 January 2022

Come and See Us in February!

Hello friends!

We hope you're all doing very well!

We're very excited about the progress being made on the book - our friends at Unbound are now looking over the manuscript one last time to check for typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, and then it will be time to send it to the printers! We cannot wait to get the book in our hands - and to start sending out your copies as well!

In the meantime, we wanted to invite you down to Wilton's Music Hall for our next run of shows! We'll be at Wilton's on Wednesday February 9th and Thursday February 10th for two nights of storytelling, all about life-changing songs. 

What's more, we've got two of our most insanely exciting lineups ever. 

On Wednesday 9th, we'll be hearing from comedy legend Richard Vranch, author and speaker Kay Scorah, broadcaster and journalist Laura Barton, and novelist Chris Power. We've also got a secret fifth guest, who we can't tell you about until next week, but he might just be the biggest (and is certainly the tallest) guest we've ever had on the show... 

The next night, we're hosting the wonderful comedian Jayde Adams, the hugely talented theatre director Owen Horsley, the marvellous comedian and improviser Paul Foxcroft, and the one and only Harry Hill.

For whatever reason (February blues, midweek malaise, Covid fatigue) our tickets haven't been selling as well as we'd like - nor as well as our insanely talented lineup deserves! - so we'd absolutely love it if you'd come along to support the show. We promise you'll enjoy yourselves!

The show starts at 7:30pm both nights, and tickets start at just £7. You can get yours here - 

We hope to see you there! All the best until then, 

Adam and Kristian

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