An excerpt from

One Last Number

Nick Tyrone

“A new, dark decade has begun”, by David O’Willery , New York Sun commentary section, June 13th, 2018

Last night, the twenties began.

As I got into a cab to take me to Madison Square Gardens, less than an hour after the bomb had gone off, the details were still hazy. Snippets of news reached me in episodic flashes. Each text from a colleague left me ever more eager to get downtown. The only concrete facts I had was that a bomb had gone off at Madison Square Gardens and some of those in attendance at a concert there had been killed. The number of casualties was unclear at that stage.

Arrival in front of MSG brought with it immediately the full, unfathomable tragedy of what had taken place that evening, a feeling I was wholly unprepared for. Opaque blankets of smoke still billowed forth from the building as an army of firemen ran to and fro. Another cavalry of paramedics was busy entering and exiting the arena, the ones coming in wheeling empty stretchers. The ones coming out again had those same stretchers occupied. Every stretcher leaving the scene had a sheet fully covering the bodies they carried.

At one point I saw a little girl, perhaps eleven or twelve years of age, swaddled in bandages. She was crying hysterically as medical professionals carried her from the arena. I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t on a stretcher - until I reasoned that there were only enough on hand to service the deceased, so great was their number.

Speaking to other journalists gathered in front of the site brought me up to speed. It had been a Noah Hastings’ concert. A bomb had gone off early on in the show. Death toll was at least fifty. Most of the dead were under eighteen years of age. Then came the real news: Hastings himself had been killed in the blast. At least, that was what we thought was the real news at the time.

About an hour on from when I had first arrived at the smoldering MSG, word got around the assembled press core that Noah Hastings had been attached to the bomb itself and was likely to have been the one who had detonated it. This was confirmed in age-old fashion: the police wouldn’t comment on any questions regarding Hastings as the assailant. It appeared that one of the biggest pop stars in the world had just committed a suicide bombing, in the middle of Manhattan, murdering a cabal of his most devoted fans along the way.

Eventually, there was a small press conference at which the police confirmed at least this much to us. Also, that the death toll had been confirmed at ninety-two, with several victims not yet identified. That number included, of course, Noah Hastings himself. As the press conference concluded, most of the hacks went home or to the office, determined to escape from the Stygian aftermath of the incident still being swept away. I decided to stick around and see if I could interview a few survivors.

“At this moment in time, I’m choosing to believe that it didn’t happen,” said one girl who was in the balcony during the concert. She was not injured in the blast save for what has been diagnosed as a temporary case of tinnitus. “I mean, obviously it happened – I was there, I saw the explosion – but I don’t think it happened the way you guys are saying it did.”

The “you guys” reference let me know that this was not this girl of fifteen’s first interview that evening. She was wearing a “Noah Hastings for President” T-shirt. I pressed her on what she had meant by her last sentence.

“I don’t think that was really Noah up there tonight. He sounded different, less good than normal. I think that was a stunt double or something up there. No one really died, that’s what I think. It was all just staged so that Noah would look bad. The whole front of the arena was obviously stuffed with crash test dummies or something, I remember that much.”

I managed to interview a handful of other kids who had been in the Gardens when the bomb had exploded. Most of them had a similarly offbeat take to the one told to me by my initial interviewee that night.

“It was a CIA thing – they wanted Noah to go undercover in China and needed to fake his death.”

Noah Hastings is the most famous westerner in China. That includes the president of the United States. He couldn’t walk five feet anywhere in that country without being recognized by people.

“Noah has a stunt double. He was used in Monkey Trouble. Noah wanted to drop out of society, so he hired that guy to take a bomb for him.”

Monkey Trouble was the not wholly successful attempt to translate Noah Hastings’ pop stardom onto the big screen a few years ago. Its plot revolves around a lower primate pet of Noah’s escaping from his Los Angeles mansion and trying to walk across that city, rather surprisingly successfully. In the movie, Noah tries to trace the monkey’s path and bring it back into the fold while stopping here and there to sing a song or two. It is an unholy mixture of Bonzo Goes to College, Singin’ in the Rain and Falling Down that takes on whole new levels of offensiveness after the events of last night. At one point in the film, Hastings makes a joke about suicide bombers that was in bad taste at the time never mind now.

It is not a good idea to take the opinions of a group of teenagers who have just been witness to a bombing at close quarters as being reflective of society as a whole and how they will react to the events of yesterday evening. Yet if social media this morning has anything to say about it, it is precisely that the things I heard outside of Madison Square Gardens last night are being echoed amongst the wider populace. As expected, the automatic connection between a suicide bombing having taken place and Islam being involved in some way runs very deep in the American psyche. Theories in this regard have been widely disseminated online already. I thought about quoting some notable examples of this behavior. I refrained once I realized all of them were unprintable for one reason or another.

This is why I will say again that the twenties have now begun. Hastings Wednesday ended one epoch and begat another. It arrives just at the moment we had started to feel safe in the knowledge that America itself was largely to be free of the kind of terrorist activity seen in Europe over the last decade. Shattered by the act of a young man from the deep south of this country committing suicide with a bomb strapped to his chest, killing almost a hundred children in the heart of New York City. As we scramble around for answers in the coming weeks as to why this horrific event took place, some will fill in the blanks with whatever comes easiest to hand. Be that Zionist conspiracy theories, suicidal stunt doubles, or sadly if so, the hand of international Islamist inspired terrorism, let us be under no illusion that this is simply more of what we have seen before. We are entering a new age, one considerably unlike any that humanity has experienced in the recent past. For how will the newly christened Generation Hastings cope once the conspiracy theories have proven poor comfort? And if we can’t be safe from someone like Noah Hastings, whom can we be safe from? In this nascent era, which began last night, the answer is clear: no one at all.

A small advert in the New York Sentinel, June 16 th, 2018

We the bereaved, each one of us having had one or more of our children’s lives ended tragically prematurely by the unfortunate incident at Madison Square Gardens on Wednesday evening, are making several pleas to the general public.

Most of us have had the death of our beloved child or children tragically confirmed. Still others amongst our number have children who were at the concert who have been missing since, but these parents remain living in hope. On the page facing this advert are pictures of several children from the concert last night that have yet to be found. If you have any information on any one of their whereabouts, please call the number given below.

We also ask that the hatred, online and elsewhere, cease immediately. We have no idea why a pop star would do what Noah Hastings did. We may well never know. At least until the facts are better known, could we all calm down and stop throwing around conspiracy theories? Particularly given some of these theories have been directed at us. Several of our number have had to face hateful messages on social media – some of them saying that our children are not actually dead and that we must therefore be involved in some sort of conspiracy. Please be assured that none of us are involved in any conspiracy to obscure the truth. Our children really have been torn away from us. That we are suffering the loss of our loved ones is terrible enough without having to carry the added burden of such hateful things being thrown in our direction.

Finally, as part of this plea, could everyone stop targeting one particular creed or religion for what took place, please? We have no evidence that Noah Hastings acted under the influence of anything other than his own callousness. Again, it only makes the horrible suffering all of us are experiencing at the moment to know that our deceased children are being used as pawns in some sort of ideological warfare.

We make these three pleas to everyone in not only our city but in the whole of America, in particular those of whom have children of their own. Children who are still alive; kids who still have a future, unlike our own. Please, put yourself in our position and imagine the horror. Then picture how much easier it would be if everyone listened to what we needed in our most desperate hour. In most of our cases, we have lost everything that was precious to us in the space of less than forty-eight hours. Please, let your prayers be with us and our children who have departed at this time and not with those who would wish to cause trouble out of this tragic incident.


The parents of the Ninety-One

“It’s Islam, dummy”, a piece by blogger Joyce Randall, June 17 th, 2018

Holy shit, right? What we’ve been thinking was a ripe possibility for many a year now has finally dropped. Noah Hastings puts a bomb on his chest before a concert, trots out onto the stage, and then blows himself and ninety-one fans (and possibly counting – there are seven children still unaccounted for, although there are also several bodies yet to be identified) to smithereens. I’ve been saying for years that radical Islam was someday soon going to infiltrate white, Christian culture – but even I didn’t think Noah Hastings, the most cornball, white bread, douchebag on planet Earth would be the one who would light the blue touch paper. In retrospect, I should have known.

The signs were always there. Hastings was part of the liberal, Trump-hating elite that always saw Islam not only as something totally compatible with the American way of life, but as something essential to that way of life as they reconstructed it. A group of people for whom the Islamification of America was both something that wasn’t going to happen, in fact, was a figment of right-wing pundits such as I’s fevered imaginations – and something to be welcomed, even if by some chance it wasn’t just the delusions of the Trump-friendly. Hastings was part of a Hollywood clique that sees any criticism of Islam whatsoever as “racism” – it was only a matter of time before one of them went full-towel head and strapped a bomb to their chest and slaughtered a pile of innocents.

As horrible as the deaths of ninety-one kids undoubtedly is, we need to start seeing the upside in all of this. After the Noah Hastings suicide, no one can tell us that Islam isn’t piercing its way into the very soul of American life, corrupting its very beating heart. We’re no longer talking about Saudi immigrants as suicide bombers here, but a kid from Louisiana raised as a Baptist. If Noah Hastings can go Bin Laden on us, anyone can.

So, what should we do now? The most important thing is to not allow the liberal MSM to establish their warped version of the story as the one of historical record. There will be a battle for hearts and minds over the next few weeks and we need to be the ones who come out of it the victors. You all know as well as I do that any chance they get will see the liberal establishment attempt to deflect the blame away from Islam and onto something else. The New York State Police, the FBI, the CIA, all of them will be in on this. We need to call them all out at every turn and remind people that no one, particularly a redneck kid from the deep South whose father was a preacher, blows themselves up for no reason whatsoever. The only thing that could have caused someone to commit such an act was a deep-seated belief in the tenets of the Muslim faith – what other religion is currently driving its adherents to such barbarity? When was the last time you heard about the Buddhist threat stalking the land? Or about how a hoard of Shintoists were planning to blow up a federal building?

We need to say this and say this again and again until it gets through to the American public. Or at least, the portion of the American public which still retains an open mind; those who haven’t been poisoned irreparably by liberal politics; those who can still reached by reason.

Almost certainly for the time being, only those of us on the supposed “alt-right” will be the ones saying any of what I’ve just said, political correctness keeping everyone else’s tongues at bay. That only puts more of the onus on each and every one of us to shout as loudly as we can. It may get unpleasant over the coming weeks. Yet we cannot fail in our mission, Christian soldiers. Our time is now. If the rise of pop star jihadis is on the menu, it’s time to burn the restaurant down.