On The Road Not Taken

By Paul Dodgson

A memoir that is a love story about the transformational power of music

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Walk With You Again. Song and video.

Hello Dear Subscribers. I hope you are ok after this last year of strangeness. I want to tell you about the release of Walk With You Again. It is a song I wrote about in the book and I played on my living room tour back in 2017. Walk With You Again was inspired by my son asking the question, 'What would you do if you could spend another day with your dad?'  The release commemorates the 20th anniversary of his passing. A couple of years ago I found all of dad's 8mm home movie footage and have made the video out of this. I would love you to listen to the song and watch the video. Thank you Paul xx

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Sara Davies
 Sara Davies says:

Paul, this is such a lovely video! And you have so much of your father in you! I love the scene of the two of you jumping across the bridge; and your nonchalant wave as you head off to school in your new uniform - so cool! How wonderful to have this footage.

posted 25th March 2021

Paul Dodgson
 Paul Dodgson says:

Thank you Sara and how good to hear from you. Yes very lucky to have this footage. Hope all is well with you.

posted 25th March 2021

Gillian Gustar
 Gillian Gustar says:

So, so beautiful Paul. It moved me to tears. Thank you for sharing this.

posted 25th March 2021

Paul Dodgson
 Paul Dodgson says:

Thank you, Gillian. I hope you are well.

posted 26th March 2021

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