On The Road Not Taken

By Paul Dodgson

A memoir that is a love story about the transformational power of music

Monday, 6 August 2018

Latest news and BBC Radio 4 transmission.

Hello Dear Supporters,

It finally happened.  In late June I was teaching a radio drama writing course at Ty Newydd on the Llyn Peninsula, when the pledge came in that took the total over 100%.   There followed a period of intense writing, followed by the strange moment of standing over the laptop, hand hovering over the send button.  I pressed it and the first draft went off to my editor, Scott Pack.   Although I have been reading out bits of the book over the last year, this was the moment of maximum vulnerability, as this project, which has been going on for years, was no longer mine.  A week later Scott’s notes came back and they are really helpful, so I am working through those now.  

Much of the recent writing happened in my childhood home of Hythe in Kent. While immersed in the past, my mum, very much part of the childhood story, was making the transition into a care home, marking the end of an era that I was living though again via the book.  

Meanwhile, BBC Radio 4 is repeating my radio version of On The Road Not Taken. You can hear it on Tuesday 7th  August at 14.15 and then on iPlayer for a month.  


So, thank everybody who believed in the book, gave me places to play, fed me and put me up in their houses as I travelled around the UK and beyond in the last two years.  I will keep you posted as On The Road Not Taken makes its way towards publication.  There will be a big party when it happens! 

And anyone who hasn't done so yet, can still order an advance copy othe book and have their name listed among the supporters.


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Gillian Garratt
 Gillian Garratt says:

Congratulations Paul
Lloyd George must have been smiling down : )

posted 6th August 2018

Anna Poulton
 Anna Poulton says:

Really looking forward to having it in my hand/phone/kindle to read!!

posted 6th August 2018

Juliet Caird
 Juliet Caird says:

Fantastic Paul! I'm looking forward to reading it - will listen on i-player too - Una has already, and says is great.

posted 11th August 2018

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