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Monday, 7 March 2016


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You are receiving this as one of more than 100 kind people who have so 

generously pledged towards the cost of producing my second book, On The Menu 

– The World’s Favourite Piece of Paper. I have never before achieved 105% in 

anything I have ventured into so now that I have achieved this level of funding, I 

feel most grateful to you all.

I spent most of 2015 writing the book and only one chapter remains to be 

finalised. Then begins the process of assembling the book as menus arrive and 

are collated. This will occupy me, and the Unbound team, for the next three 

months along with our revered book designer. 

Then John Mitchinson will decide where the book will be published, probably 

Latvia, perhaps Barcelona or possibly China as we work towards a publication 

date of October 6th 2016.

Only then will I be able to say thank you properly.

With very best wishes,


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Publication date: November 2016
116% funded
204 backers