'On the House' progress report

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The final total has been achieved. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. The book is finished and awaiting editing which I've been told will be sometime in July. I'll keep you all updated as the process goes along. It will be an interesting experience to discuss the story line with an editor at last!

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Paula Bond
Paula Bond says:

That's fantastic news, so pleased the total has been reached.


May 31, 2016

Helen Maskew
Helen Maskew says:

An update for all those of you who kindly supported 'On the House'. The manuscript is now with the editor and the whole process should take about sixteen weeks. This means the book will become available sometime in November. If you have any questions of comments please keep them coming. I'm still writing - almost completed the last volume of a quartet of novels set in the fractious times of the Wars of the Roses. I have a firm idea for the next book planned out. So that's the next couple of years sorted then!

June 23, 2016

Helen Maskew
Helen Maskew says:

Further news of 'On the House' for all who are supporting me. The editing process is well underway and on schedule. Not as painful a process as I thought it would be and it's been a very useful experience to have an objective eye look over it. Altogether a very helpful exercise!

August 08, 2016

Helen Maskew
Helen Maskew says:

The cover for the book has been designed and agreed; I think it's very stylish. Everything is now completed and just a few things to tidy up. I expect the book to be ready by the end of the month - at least I hope so. You have all been wonderfully patient and, as we near the end of the process, I'm looking forward to chatting with you as to what you think when you have read it.
Regards to all,

April 10, 2017

Helen Maskew
Helen Maskew says:

At last I have some news about publication. Everything has now been completed and 'On the House' will be available as an e-book from 22nd June. Printed copies will be ready for release to wholesalers on 2nd - 4th July.
Thank you all for your patience - I hope you all enjoy the book and will give me plenty of feedback. There are two more novels in the series if you like the first!


June 10, 2017

Helen Maskew
Helen Maskew says:

I've heard this morning that the book is going to press today. All subscribers will receive an e-book shortly and I have some hard copies for you if you get in touch through Unbound.
Thanks everyone for your patience and support once again. I hope you enjoy the story. Please get in touch with comments - good and bad!

July 19, 2017

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