Yeseni and the Daughter of Peace

By Solange Burrell

Elewa learns that she has Yeseni, a powerful gift. Will she use it to save her kingdom or the world?

Monday, 11 January 2021

Run around the USA for Yeseni - #runsforyeseni - Virtual but verified!


Hi Everyone,

Happy new year! to raise awareness of the project and to move closer toward our goal of 100% I have partnered with RUN AROUND THE WORLD

I will be starting off virtually running around the USA; commencing in Pittsburgh and finishing in Washington.  Altogether the run is 10,670 miles passing 110 towns and through 34 states. Although the run is virtual, every run has to be verified by the company which ensures no cheating has taken place :-). I'm hopeful that starting the new year with this  energetic challenge will bring more people to join us pledgers.  

We are still at 22% and we probably have around 100 supporters (some people have pledged in groups so it's a little tricky to tell) this number is amazing, I've never had this many people support any project that I've undertaken before; so it's so positive, and I'm aware I still have a lot more to do :-).

To help support the cause further, please share with businesses and organisation that you feel would be willing to support this project on a corporate level. Also please share with your friends and family :-).

I hope you all had a really good festive season, even though there are endless restrictions and lockdowns, it gives me pleasure to be working on something so positive. It really is an honour. Please get in touch and feel free to join me on my virtual run around the USA #runsforyeseni. If you have any ideas please post them below.

All the best to you my friends and I look forward to speaking to you very soon! XXXX

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