Yeseni and the Daughter of Peace

By Solange Burrell

Elewa learns that she has Yeseni, a powerful gift. Will she use it to save her kingdom or the world?

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Christmas Gift Certificate Download!

Hi Pledgers!

Still Christmas shopping?

Why not gift someone a copy of this important and hopeful book? It won’t arrive for this Christmas, but anyone who buys a copy as a gift for someone can download this Christmas gift certificate to present to them, in person or online. Simply save and print out the voucher or email over to the recipient. That way, they will know they’re helping to make this book a reality and that their name will be in the back of the book. You can download the Christmas gift certificate here

Once you've purchased the voucher, please log in to your account to manage the subscription and update the name that'll be printed in the book. For advice on how to change the name check out this help article.

Merry Christmas!


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Solange Burrell
 Solange Burrell says:

The download is so pretty, well done Cassie!

posted 17th December 2020

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