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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Dear friends,

I did something utterly terrible when I chose the pledge rewards to offer you. I forgot all about the party. 

How could I? I mean, what is a book without its launch party? What is the point of a book if you can't celebrate its existence with wine and friends and good cheer? In this neck of the woods, the book is not an excuse for a party; the prospect of a party is the excuse for the book! At the launch bash for 'Ghost Variations' we had an unforgettable evening and at least one person still doesn't know to this day how he got home again.

For 'Ghost Variations' we had a launch party pledge level from the start and it proved quite popular, so I have now, belatedly, added one for 'Meeting Odette'. You get an invitation for two to the do, plus everything up to playlist level: your name in the super-patron list at the front, paperback and e-book copies and access to the special 'Meeting Odette' playlist which I will send you when the book comes out. 

Some of you might have liked the party pledge to exist earlier. If you have already pledged but would like to upgrade to this new level, the site makes it quite easy. And if you have any difficulty at all, just use the Unbound chat bubble, though which someone will quickly come to your aid. 

And obviously anyone pledging for the Frontispiece, the Swan Lake Lunch or the Swan Lake Lecture will get invited to the launch bash too. (The Lunch is another occasion: an exclusive experience chez moi with good food and the company of friends who are ballet-world insiders and will help to provide insights into what Swan Lake is really like - to dance, to research, to play the music.)

Thanks so much and looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the party in due course. Let's try and make it happen next spring - but that means we need to raise the dosh FAST. So do please share the 'Meeting Odette' page with anyone you know who might like it, ballet fans and otherwise! 


Jessica x






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