By Jessica Duchen

Odette, Swan Lake’s enchanted swan princess, is still trying to break her spell

Friday, 7 July 2017

Hang on a mo...

[I feel a bit like this today...hiding head in despair]

...but what? You wait 25 years and suddenly someone else picks your topic too? For a Hollywood blockbuster? Oh. Flippin'. Heck.

I just stumbled across a piece of news on Twitter: Felicity Jones is to star in a movie based on the story of Swan Lake, without any ballet. No kidding. Read all about it here. 

What are the chances of that? It isn't quite what you want to see when your dream project is 23 per cent funded, chugging along nicely but needing 77 per cent more input: some swanky [sorry] cinematic extravaganza comes along to grab all the thunder and wander off with it, whistling a merry tune. 

While licking wounds, I have a few points to latch onto here.

• THE POSITIVE REPONSE: Hey! Swan Lake is "in". Swan Lake is news. Swan Lake is Hollywoody. As one of my fellow Unbounders reminds me, a spot of free publicity doesn't hurt. (And guess what? He's got Swan Lake in his book too. Please give him a whirl.)

• THE INTELLECTUAL RESPONSE: No two retellings of Swan Lake have ever been identical. Think of the difference between Black Swan (which starred Natalie Portman) and Matthew Bourne's redreamed, smash-hit ballet and you'll see what I mean. Meanwhile, the only one that's left me laughing, rather uncomfortably, is the happy-ending Mariinsky Ballet version, which is 95 per cent glorious and then suddenly Siegfried kills Rothbart and they all live happily ever after, so what was all the fuss about?

• THE PARANOIC REPONSE: If they've snatched my synopsis, I can prove that I wrote it 25 years ago and it is mine, so there, nurrr.

• THE PRAGMATIC RESPONSE: A large number of planned films ultimately are never made. So there, too.

• THE PITCH RESPONSE. Come on, guys - pledge TODAY for MEETING ODETTE and we can raise the funds SUPER-QUICK and bring out the book way before the film strikes the screens! Let's beat 'em to it, together. Look to the right of the screen, pick your level and click. There you are - we're on the way.

Thanks to all of you for all your support thus far, have a wonderful weekend and keep swimming.

Love and best wishes,



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