By Jessica Duchen

Odette, Swan Lake’s enchanted swan princess, is still trying to break her spell

Sunday, 23 July 2017

10 reasons you'll want to meet Odette

One month in and Meeting Odette is one third funded, which is brilliant news. Huge thanks to my 61 supporters who have stepped forward to pledge so far! Now we just need twice as many again to do likewise, preferably within the next few weeks... so please can I ask you all to share the link with any literarily, balletically, musically or fantastically inclined friends who might enjoy a feathery tale of transformation?

Here are 10 reasons why you, and they, might wish to meet Odette.

1. The painting above is by Mikhail Vrubel, a Russian artist of great repute, painted in 1900. It's entitled 'Swan Princess' and was inspired by Rimsky-Korsakov's opera The Tale of Tsar Sultan. You would probably want to meet her, no? The girl in the portrait is a mystery. Vrubel's wife played the role in a private opera company performance, for which Vrubel designed the costumes - but apparently the woman portrayed does not resemble Mrs V. It's been suggested it was his sister...or...someone else....? One way or another, she is not many miles away from our Odette.

2. Odette changes each morning and each evening. But she also changes everyone she meets - usually for the better. You wouldn't want to miss out on that.

3. A different set of values can be difficult to take on board, but try them and they might prove rewarding beyond your wildest dreams.

4. You don't know how she can ever break her spell, especially since its terms are so far from life in 2017. You might want to find out whether it could happen, and how, and why.

5. If you've ever wished you could communicate better with someone who doesn't express themselves in the same language - whether a human being or an animal - you'll feel quite some sympathy with Mary.

6. Do you ever wish someone or something would bring meaning into your life? Meet Odette...

7. Odette's story may be long, but the book is concise. Nice and portable to take on holiday.

8. You know the music, you know the ballet, yeah, yeah...but supposing, just supposing, those choreographers didn't grasp Odette's character potential and wholly misunderstood her appeal, thanks to the typecasting of the day?

9. Well, what would you do if she crashed through your window?

10. She could help you learn to fly. Perhaps.

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