The Book of Bera: Obsidian

By Suzie Wilde

A gripping Viking tale of one woman’s courage, facing old and new gods in the savage beauty of Ice Island.

Monday, 1 January 2018

We All Need Heroes

I used to be ashamed of reading escapist literature or watching films that weren't 'relevant to our present crisis' (whichever the latest was). I used to criticise my mother for refusing to wallow in the misery of current affairs just before bedtime. She said it was better in the War when newspapers kept morale high. Now I'm turning into her and that's a good thing. I think we need heroes. I'm queasy about current affairs becoming a whitewash for obvious reasons but in the world of fiction, let's for goodness sake leave dystopias to the real world and enjoy being close to someone with grit, moral purpose and courage.

I wanted to be James Bond's girlfriend when I was growing up. Now I see that that was like aspiring to be a coat stand. Possibly I chose to write about a Viking because women had equal standing and I can vicariously enjoy charging about in a vicious landscape as I sit in a centrally-heated office. I hope you do, too.

Anyway, happy new year to you all. Let's be hopeful and courageous and kind to each other if the hope fails. Here's my picture of the creatures who give unconditional love and teach me to live in the moment. And when I can't, to curl up on the sofa next to them with a good (escapist) book! The one on my lap here is The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper. Aptly.

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simon miller
 simon miller says:

I like the dogs and the rug and your anti-dystopian drift is very appealing (if it wasn't for Brexit) especially over Vikings. Happy and productive 2018 too!

posted 12th January 2018

Suzie Wilde
 Suzie Wilde says:

Thanks Simon. I've just re-read my notes from Hilary Mantel's brilliant Reith lecture and she says, "First the gods go, then the heroes, then we are left with our own, grubby selves." Yep.

posted 16th January 2018

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