The Book of Bera: Obsidian

By Suzie Wilde

A gripping Viking tale of one woman’s courage, facing old and new gods in the savage beauty of Ice Island.

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

It's not too late!

Hello once more, friends of Bera. I hope this finds you well in these strange times.

Did you know that the final book in the trilogy is currently 70% funded? So many of you sent messages of wanting to know how the story ends that I thought I'd let you know: it has! Called LANDFALL, it's the darkest - and best - with a proper conclusion, not a cliffhanger.

The Unbound elves have devised a gift certificate so that if you can't meet in person this Christmas, you can send this instead! All you have to do to spread the joy (yep, I also get the gift of getting funded, not going to lie!) is to choose a reward level from my page HERE and make sure to add the right name at the end, so that it goes into the book. If you forget or want to know how to change a name, there are simple instructions HERE. You can find the gift certificate HERE.

The gift certificate looks like this:

It's easy! Just pledge in someone else's name, print off the certificate and give it to them on Christmas Day. Sorted.

Then sit back, have a relaxed Christmas and look forward to a better 2021. Thank you in advance and I wish you and yours a swift return to normality (or better!) There will be a good book to read, I guarantee ... x

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