Obsidian (Book II in The Book of Bera trilogy)

By Suzie Wilde

A gripping Viking tale of one woman’s courage, facing old and new gods in the savage beauty of Ice Island.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Fabulous SCBWI

I've been away in Winchester for the weekend for the annual Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (British Isles) Conference. If you think we look Seriously Funny, it's because that was the theme this year. Here's the photo taken of all authors published this year. I manage to squeak in because my debut novel, The Book of Bera, is for readers YA upwards. (Typically, I'm the one gossiping in the blue wig - on loan from a friend as my one concession to dressing up!)

These are real, warm, supportive authors. We are not famous for being on tv or being successful in other fields. We write, or illustrate. That's what we do, sometimes all we can do; but it's who we are. Most of us have struggled - and I want to thank every single one of my supporters beacuse I am the only Unbound author up here and without you, there would be no gossiping blue wig. Behind me, are 200 invisible supporters I called to my back, like Gaelic clansmen naming their ancestors for strength.

So I call on you again, for OBSIDIAN. And, if that's not enough, here's the cake (The Book of Bera, in sugar, is middle, top tier).

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Sarah Towle
 Sarah Towle says:

Well deserved too!

posted 28th November 2017

Suzie Wilde
 Suzie Wilde says:

Praise indeed from http://www.timetravelertours.com/
Thank you.

posted 29th November 2017

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