A very special present

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Midnight 3 December.

That's the last moment you get get your name in the back of the book. Obsidian is already funded and launching on 13 June 2019 but if you'd like to give someone a different Christmas present you can put their name in the list of supporters and they will forever be in the British Library. And check out some of the offers, like the audiobook of Book One, Sea Paths, or map of Ice Island. The original hand drawn map went early but I'll be making a few prints as part of the 'artwork' option. Or how about a postcard from Iceland (I'm there in April) with a unique overheard tiny playlet? What's so special about the wrapping in the pic? It's what I'm swaddling the unique edition in: linen made in the traditional way in Birka and dyed with plants that grow on the island. The string is how vikings made rope (thicker, obviously!)

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