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The Book of Bera: Obsidian

By Suzie Wilde

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A gripping Viking tale of one woman’s courage, facing old and new gods in the savage beauty of Ice Island.

Publication date: June 2019
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Desperate to make a settled life for her people in a brutal, inscrutable land, the Viking seer, Bera, feels the earth convulse during the hard birthing of her daughter.

The red sun is hidden and a curtain of fire spans the whole horizon and up beyond sight, making the dark weave of time crackle with terrible knowledge.

Somehow this upheaval links from the black bead of her necklace to the precious black stone, Obsidian. Bera has to connect with the land, to read and understand its ancient patterns of death and rebirth, to find out how she can stop the approaching disaster. Her quest takes her to a community in the Far North, where the black stone is guarded. The folk there worship the serpent. What power does the Serpent King have and what would he do to take the stone? There are others from her past who also want it. As her visions start to come true, Bera has to steal Obsidian and then use it. But at what cost? Obsidian gives a stark reflection of her true nature – and reveals what the worst sacrifice of all will be.

Steeped in the life and beliefs of the Norse peoples, able to evoke the power of the sea and the land, Suzie Wilde’s new novel is a gripping, standalone adventure. Rich in atmosphere and character, Bera’s story allows us to understand old myths in a way that has resonance in the modern world, through the action of one strong Viking woman.

Praised by readers, critics and writers alike (bestselling author Lee Child said of The Book of Bera: Sea Paths, “Wonderfully imagined and wonderfully written.”) Suzie Wilde’s novels are perfect for fans of Giles Kristian or Conn Iggulden and all those who have enjoyed the acclaimed TV series Vikings.

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