Notes from the Sofa

By Raymond Briggs

An insight into one of Britain's greatest creative minds

Monday, 20 April 2015

Raymond Briggs on going to Art School

We interviewed the legendary illustrator Raymond Briggs about what it was like going to art school at 16. What he says about the perceived difference between commercial and fine art is fascinating. Always one to be forward thinking Raymond recognises that, even historically, great artists often ran huge art operations and were just as commercial as everything else. Art, no matter how sublime, says Raymond, still needs to be paid for. Hear hear!  

Watch this space for more exclusive content from one of the UK's best loved creative minds. If you haven't yet pledged for Notes From the Sofa you can read more and pre-order your copy here.  

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Kit Wells
 Kit Wells says:

I paid £10 towards this book. If it is now fully funded, where is mine? Haven't had it yet!

posted 21st April 2015

Caitlin Harvey
 Caitlin Harvey says:

Hi Kit,

We are hard at working making this into a book and are aiming to have finished copies ready to send to subscribers in autumn 2015. Please look out for further updates.

Best wishes,

Caitlin - Community Coordinator

posted 21st April 2015

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