Baaba Maal's contribution to soundtrack of Black Panther

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

It was thrilling to hear the distinctive voice of Baaba Maal echoing over the Wakanda hilltops in the much publicised blockbuster movie, ‘Black Panther’.  It seems that Swedish composer Ludwig Goransson spent one month in Senegal familiarising himself with African music and making recordings for the film soundtrack.  His principal contributor was Baaba Maal whose soaring vocals remind me very much of the ‘Call to Prayer’, Baaba’s contribution to Peter Gabriel’s album ‘Passion Sources’ (Realworld/Virgin Records Ltd., RWCD2, 1989).  In my book I relate how I travelled with Baaba to the Realworld studios the day he recorded that track. At the time, Peter Gabriel was preparing the music for Martin Scorcese’s film, ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’. The photograph of Baaba Maal which I took on that occasion is among the many hitherto unseen photographs in my book. 

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