African Women

Friday, 23 February 2018

In 'Notes From Africa' you will meet some impressive African women. You will read about Tartit, an all-female group from Mali, who occasionally perform for the comfort and encouragement of recent divorcees. Three times Grammy award winner Angelique Kidjo tells how she met the challenge of performing in a man's world by emulating Miriam Makeba.  Tunisian born Amina Annabi, who represented France and came second in the 1991 Eurovision Song contest, is one of a group of talented and articulate North African singers who grew up in a society that repressed them but who have found their own way to freedom. Amina told me, “To feel free is to know yourself. The more you know yourself the more you can choose for yourself. We women have a big responsibility. We have to teach men, with a softness and determination, how to respect us and when we are respected we can respect them.” 

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