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Thursday, 13 August 2020

My First Novel (finally)

Dear lovely supporter of Notebook

I just wanted to let you know that I'm launching the funding for my first novel today, which means, now Notebook's publication has gone back to early next year, I will be publishing two books in 2021. It's the biggest book so far for me, couldn't be closer to my heart, and I'm very much hoping it will see daylight. It's called Villager, is set in a fictional West Country Village over many many years, and its themes include land lore, psychedelic music, plant life, lost artefacts, and the riddles of time. You can read a little more about it, including a short synopsis, here (we also have some very interesting pledge goodies available this time):

Thanks for reading!


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Joe Beard
 Joe Beard says:

Hi Tom

Why does the launch funding of your new project mean that you have to delay the publication of the this one, which you have already been funded for? That doesn't really make sense to me. TBH I have funded several projects on Unbound and have yet to receive any of them, so I'm a bit disillusioned about the whole crowdfunding thing.

posted 13th August 2020

Tom Cox
 Tom Cox says:

Dear Joe. That's not why it's been delayed. I'd always planned to write Villager and publish it in 2021. When the Coronavirus hit, Unbound took the decision to delay the publication of Notebook until early next year (even though I had finished the book), owing to the havoc the pandemic has created with publishing schedules. I can assure you you'll be getting Notebook in the early weeks of next year, and all my previous three books with Unbound have come out on time.

posted 13th August 2020

Adam Baylis-West
 Adam Baylis-West says:

Joe Beard, if it offers any reassurance, I have funded about 29 projects on Unbound since 2013 and 17 of them are currently sitting on my bookshelves. Of the rest, some are on the press, some are preparing for print, some are being written, some are delayed for various reasons and some are still in funding. I have only experienced two cancelled projects and, of course, Unbound provides prompt refunds when that does happen, unlike most other crowd-funding platforms. Stick with it!

All that aside, the new project sounds rather compelling...

posted 13th August 2020

Angela Bray
 Angela Bray says:

Tom, I'd like to add a positive comment, and offer my congrats! This is very exciting news. As a longtime follower of yours on twitter/insta (silent, as not on social media myself), and regular Unbound and website sponsor, I eagerly look forward to these goodies arriving!

After a period of "resting" (as the actors say!) I will be starting a new job in a few weeks. Funding to follow when pay allows! :-)

Wishing you, Ralph and Roscoe all the very best.

posted 13th August 2020

Joe Beard
 Joe Beard says:

Tom, thanks for replying. Don't know about anyone else, but I didn't get any notification that the publication had been delayed until I saw your update today. Last update I received from Unbound was back in April when it went into pre-press.

Anyway, good luck with the new book.

posted 13th August 2020

Katie Enstone
 Katie Enstone says:

The email notification of this post went into my junk mail so I am now feeling very smug that I checked my junk mail today which hardly ever happens. I have signed up and am looking forward to both your books next year. It will actually be a nice thing to receive Notebook in the early new year which is often a bit of a down-in-the-dumps time so it will be a lovely treat! Best wishes Tom x

posted 13th August 2020

Vivien Gledhill
 Vivien Gledhill says:

I hadn't any idea the book was being delayed either, Tom.
Another Unbound book I supported was due out about the same time as Notebook . Curiously, Unbound still published that one on time!
I know you said 'early' next year but the 'suggested' publication date isn't until March. Which is correct, please?
Despite this 7-month delay, I have still pre-ordered Village, hoping that the wait for this one won't be too long. It sounds intriguing and exciting, am looking forward to reading it.

posted 13th August 2020

Trish Paton
 Trish Paton says:

Might be variations in setup, but I've received at least one notice that the publication date was shifted to 2021. So not a surprise to me. I have so far only had one Unbound project not come through, and the ones I have on shelf are enjoyable and lovely (and I have no doubt those in progress will be the same). Crowdfunding can be a bit dicey, but Unbound has been excellent (especially when I had a brain freeze and funding the same thing twice; they sorted it overnight) and I'm far more confident in this than with giant, everything-goes outfits like K**kstarter. Tom, I look forward now to two marvellous pieces in 2021; Notebook and Villager.

posted 13th August 2020

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