Note To Boy

By Sue Clark

A comic novel about what happens when the worlds of a 1960s fashion diva and a modern teenager collide

Monday, 11 February 2019

Note to Boy on the air!

I’ve got the trousers but where the hell's the jumper? And why is it raining, today of all days? I’m not panicking. I am not. I am going to stay calm and mindful, as Ruby Wax advises in her wise books.

What’s happening? I’ve been asked by Radio Oxford to do a live interview about Note to Boy, that’s what. And I’m caught on the hop. Even though I sent them a press release offering to do an interview, somehow the last thing I expected was to be asked to do an interview. But they have. 

And, in classic cliche mode, I can’t find a thing to wear. Yes I know, it’s radio and no-one can see me but I need something better than my normal slobby writing costume or I won't feel right. As for my hair, I despair. Wet and windy is its nemesis, turning it into untidy candy floss. I dig out another jumper, give my hair a third long spray, and set off.

To find ... Sophie Kinsella! Only international best seller Sophie Kinsella, that’s who’s on straight after me. Sophie Kinsella with her 60 million books sold. Talk about competition! Thankfully, she was ‘down the line’ - see, I know the lingo and everything - so I didn’t have to meet her in person and make embarrassing small talk about the relative sizes of our advances (zero vs. squllions).

But it was all OK. Presenter Kat Orman and producers Dan and Pete couldn’t have been nicer. I think I got the general message across about crowdfunding and Note to Boy, leavening it with stories of the days when I wrote sketches and jokes for the likes of Lenny Henry, Tracey Ullman and David Jason. I kept on chatting at any rate, which is good. Isn’t it? I was just beginning to enjoy myself when it was suddenly all over.

Everyone was far too polite to give a second glance to my mismatched top or comment on my sticky hair. And icing on the cake: I got home to find I already had a pledge from a listener. The first of several, I hope. 

Want to hear how I did? To listen to the interview, follow the link below, or visit Kat Orman’s pages on BBB Radio Oxford. Please feel free to share, pledge and encourage others to do likewise.

That's me, Sue Clark, broadcaster, signing off.




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