Note To Boy

By Sue Clark

A comic novel about what happens when the worlds of a 1960s fashion diva and a modern teenager collide

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Naming of names

I’ve often wondered if I should use a pen name. There are some lovely, colourful and exotic monikers among the Unbound community. And Sue Clark isn’t exactly unusual or memorable. But it is my actual name. 

What if I called myself Tallula Featherstone Witty or B K Broomhead? Would it improve my reader (and pledge) appeal? I know some authors change their names almost as often as they change their socks, but why? Surely a long track record is a more potent marketing tool than constantly relaunching yourself as a ‘debut author’?

What would I call myself if I did change? I never have much trouble naming the characters in my books but I can’t for the life of me think of a name for myself. Not a convincing one, at least. I once had a vivid dream about a book with the name Leigh Baker printed on the cover. I thought I might try that one for size - simple, non-gender specific, works well in the UK and the US. But I never used it. It didn’t somehow fit me.

In the meantime, Note to Boy is hovering under the 50% mark. Please help me get past halfway. Pledge and share the link with anyone you know. I don’t care what your name is. 

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