Note To Boy

By Sue Clark

A comic novel about what happens when the worlds of a 1960s fashion diva and a modern teenager collide

Friday, 27 April 2018

How many gin puns can you think of?


Many GINiuses have been GINspired by the juniper-flavoured drink to create puns to help them GIN and bear the GINsanities of life. OK. I'll stop now. You can have too much of a good thing after all. But you get my drift. Puns about gin abound. 

One of the main characters in Note to Boy, Eloise Slaughter, is very fond of a cheeky G&T. In order to research her character and ensure authenticity, in the course of writing the book I was compelled to prop up many a cocktail bar and down quite a few gin-based beverages. I am always meticulous in my research. My readers expect nothing less, you know.

And it struck me, how often those clever marketing boys and girls resort to the old-fashioned pun in their advertising. If you GINcounter or can GINvent a particularly groan-GINducing one, please let me know, so we can GINjoy it together. 

Personally, I welcome the resurgance of the pun. Puns are good clean fun, and add to the gaiety of life, as long as you don't overGINdulge. Just like gin. 




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