69 - oo-er, missus!

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Sorry about the dullness of this image, dear readers. It was either this or unadulterated filth. 

Let me explain. Note to Boy is at 69%, after a rush of January pledges. A cause of considerable joy. My thanks to those who, full of post-Christmas bonhomie, have backed my book. As we approach the three-quarters mark (I’m rounding up quite generously here) it seems its publication may be a reality sooner than I expected in 2019.  

A cause for joy, yes, but a source of trauma for this author. You see, we are encouraged when posting these updates to spice up the message with a picture or a gif. In my innocence, I tried to do this. Disaster!

Do not - dear reader - ever type ‘69 images’ into Google. The poses that greeted me were an affront to the eye and, frankly, only attainable by trained contortionists. Shocked though I was, I couldn’t help but think outrageous septuagenarian Eloise Slaughter, one of the main characters in my book, would find them highly entertaining. Tempted though I was, I went for the family-friendly but boring brick wall in the end. Forgive me, Eloise!


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