Not Speaking

By Norma Clarke

Not Speaking is a lively and unusual family memoir, and a slice of social history.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Thinking about book covers

In today's Guardian, Alison Flood sets a challenge: find a book jacket that features an image of a woman over forty. She says she's failed. Even books that are about women over forty put young women on the cover. Research suggests that 75% of active readers are women in that age bracket, but the covers show things like a glass of wine, a lighthouse, a child standing on her head, a couple in a car, and so on.

This Guardian article has given me a mea culpa moment (except it wasn't really my  fault). The image on the Unbound site for Not Speaking is of my brother Nicky (admittedly, over forty, but not female) and the book is partly about him, but it's much more about my mum (well over forty) and my sister (I'm not saying). There are pictures a-plenty of both of them, and they are in the video. Will they be on the cover of the book once we reach 100% funding and go into production? The campaign starts here.


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