Not Speaking

By Norma Clarke

Not Speaking is a lively and unusual family memoir, and a slice of social history.

Friday, 3 August 2018


Everybody's on holiday, and so am I. The last time anybody pledged was July 21st. We're at 89%.(We'll be going into production once the project reaches 100%, and hopefully have books going out to supporters by February/March.) It's a strange, switched-off time of year. I needed to switch off, as I'm sure you did too, and now, four days in to a trip to California, I'm definitely there: a hammock, a massage, a swim, some barbecued lamb chops and local Pinot Noir, and a beautiful evening chat in the shade of the redwoods with our friends and hosts Tom and Carla. I'm in love with redwoods. A couple of months ago I read The Overstory by Richard Powers which is all about the importance of trees, and lying in a hammock slung between two redwoods in the Santa Cruz mountains, and looking way way up to the crowns, I definitely got the message of the book.

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