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Sunday, 22 July 2018

We thought it would be fun to make a short video at Michael Van Clarke in Marylebone, one of the (two) salons that feature in Not Speaking (the other is in Mayfair). Because Rena lives next door she spends a lot of time there, getting her hair done and keeping up with the gossip. She cast her usual shrewd eye on our antics. We filmed in a bit of a rush (it was hot, the salon was busy, Huxley, Piers's dog, was tired having already been at a meeting in Soho) so we scaled down our ambitions and it's only a clip - enough to tell me my future is not in film. The sound isn't great. And in the week since it was made it has already become dated: then we were 81%, now 89%. Almost there. This means the book will be going into production very soon and in your hands not long after.

Thanks to Piers Torday. I know you wanted me to do another take, Piers, and I know you were right!

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Piers Torday
Piers Torday says:

Ha! 89% though...Congratulations xx

July 23, 2018

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