Not From Above!

By Alexander Mayor

Monday, 1 April 2019

Your copy of 'Not From Above!' - arriving this week!

Hi all,

Hope Spring finds you well. Exciting news: your copy of 'Not From Above!' will be mailed out this week. Thanks so much again for your support - you made the project possible. 

The book you can listen to...

Don't forget you also get a 12-song album. There's a sticker inside the cover of the book, with a link and code so you can download the album from If for any reason you're missing the code or sticker, just get in touch: For vinyl EP pledgers, the record is still being pressed (there's an almighty, pre-Record Store Day queue at the pressing plant sadly!) and will be with you in early May.

For those who also pledged for a 'personalised song' - do get in touch via email or Facebook. Have a think about a story you'd like turned into music. A personal tale, a love affair, a missed opportunity, anything really. I'm ready to start writing and recording our collaborations!

Oh, and a tiny, social media favour...

When the book arrives, do post a picture on social media (if that's your thing). It all helps me reach a wider audience. I'm @alexfestival on Instagram, @afestivalhall on Twitter and I've started tagging stuff with #notfromabove and @unbounders. 

I hope you enjoy the words and music!
Thanks again,


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