Not From Above!

By Alexander Mayor

Friday, 17 August 2018

The half way feeling

Hi all,

"Whoa..oh we're half way there...
Something something something... livin' on a prayer".


Thanks again for your support on the 'Not from above' pledge-drive (love that phrase, you immediately picture American comics earnestly imploring faces... begging you to support "your local PBS station..." - everything in America seems to involve driving ;-)

In a caffeinated fit of thanks, I made this shoddy little video/choon to celebrate. Now back to the mailing list to drum up the next 50%. Just a few weeks to go, so if you've recently met some cool book-mavenly new partner you need to impress, just hit that pledge button one more time... or forward on to likeminded souls!

Cheers all

Alex x


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