Not From Above!

By Alexander Mayor

Monday, 6 August 2018

The book that's a record ... is now also a gig (round your gaff!)

Well hello again...

Perhaps it was sun stroke, or just the weapons-grade espresso, but I had another idea for this Unbound pledge campaign: a little bonus gig round the house of what we might call "mega-donors" ;-) 

There's a new option in town: Home Performance. Go 'large' today and in addition to the book and album you'll get a performance of a selection of songs from the record and readings from the book chez vous. Cheaper than front row seats for Sting and an easier commute what with it being in your own home and all. 

Anyway, do pass it on, particularly if you have culture-curious friends in the banking, insurance or independently-wealthy sectors. 

Merry Monday!




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