Not From Above!

By Alexander Mayor

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Not From Above! - live performance 23rd March 2019 - Union Chapel

Hi there, dear supporters... (pledgers? pledginators?)

Not From Above! – the book you kindly supported – is in full production now, typos fixed, cover illustrated, and so on. So, as we gear up for the launch at the end of April, I thought I'd invite you to a little performance we're doing. 

Saturday 23rd March: 12-2pm at the Union Chapel, N1
My band, Alexander's Festival Hall, will be playing in a new trio/quartet set-up, performing some songs from the companion album also called "Not From Above!". I might even read a couple of stories from the book, so y'know, "exclusives" and all that ;-)

This is a Daylight Music session - curated by folk singer Samantha Whates - with a theme of 'Together & Apart'. The event features some amazing other musicians, Fiona Bevan, The Rail Abandon are both wonderful, there will be some duetting going on, oh and the sessions raise much-needed money for the homeless too.

More details here:

Would be lovely to see some of you there!
Alexander x

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