Not From Above!

By Alexander Mayor

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Publication date: Spring 2019
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About the book

Not from above! is the debut collection of stories from musician Alexander Mayor (Alexander’s Festival Hall). It’s a series of what ifs, how-abouts and darkly comic thought experiments. You’ll meet dictators with misplaced literary ambitions. Young spies pursued on bicycles. Passive aggressive board games. And fitful efforts at damage limitation in the surviving parts of Switzerland.

These are tales of decisive moments for indecisive people. Where dating has become more dangerous and ‘promenade theatre’ a little too immersive. Adventures are undertaken somewhat unwittingly, in stories that catalogue the increasingly esoteric ways Londoners try to keep themselves amused...

‘Not from above!’ is also an album of twelve upbeat, lush and romantic pop songs. Literate, hummable tunes that capture painters on the brink, women on the verge, and men lost somewhere on a hillside. Trumpets make a timely appearance. Double bass, likewise. Oh and there’s that moment when a breakdown on a country road might just be the start of something promising. Buy a book and gain an album. It’s new territory for all of us, but that’s half the fun.

And thanks for supporting this project! Alexander x

P.S. Here's a little preview mega-mix of 'Not from above' - the album

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