Not Buying It

By Charlotte Henry

The post-truth society: how we got here; where is "here", exactly, and what on earth can we do about it?

Monday, 21 August 2017

Discount when you pledge now - it must be silly season!

We are fully in the midst of silly season - the summer months (what do you mean you can't tell it's summer here in the UK...) when media and politics take their foot off the gas and try to slow downa bit. Boy do we need it after the last few months...

August is famous for stories featuring the weird, daft and down right odd. To celebrate the nice people at Unbound are giving you 10% off my book. All you have to do is pledge and use the code sillyseason at checkout. Move quickly though, because the offer must end on August 31st. 

Shortly I'll also be releasing some of the great names in media, politics, and academia who have kindly sat down for interviews for "Not Buying It". Who knows, I may even let supporters have a sneak peak at some of what they had to say before anyone else.... 

So please do pledge now, get 10% off, and have a very lovely silly season...I mean summer.



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