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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Writing a book is hard, scary...and a total privilege. I never take for granted people giving up their precious time to read what I have written in any format, let alone a book. Publishing with Unbound amplifies this. Watching people pledge, putting their faith, not to mention money, into my book is just an amazing feeling.

It's why I'm particularly excited that I recently got my 100th pledge!

100 pledges feels like something of a milestone. I can't thank all of you have pledged enough. If you haven't been able to pledge yet well...it's never been a better time to help me get the next 100 pledges!

I've given a couple of talks on my book recently too. One was with a group of civil servants who I think I rather terrified with my bleak tales of fake news. Another was at an Unbound pledge party, which was great fun. It was so good to meet other Unbound authors and listen to them talk about their books. There really are some fantastically talented people being published by Unbound. I have a few more talks coming up so watch this space.

Slightly away from the topic of the book, I've been writing about the possibility Uber may be banned from London. You can read my take over on the MacObserver.

A huge thank you once again to all of my first 100 supporters.


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