Not As Nature Intended

By Rich Hardy

A story of the exploitation of animals for food, fashion and entertainment from the unique perspective of an undercover investigator.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Nearly there on the book you've helped fund.

Hello Everyone!

So after a little lull in the 60’s, the wind caught my sails again and I’ve now hit 92% funded.

I’ve a few little promotional pieces coming out in the coming days and weeks, which I hope will carry me through to fully-funded before the crowdfunder deadline looms up in front of me.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the new pledgers - some anonymous - who I can only extend my warm thanks to in this blog post - and it really is the warmest of thank yous.

I’d also like to thank some of you original pledgers who added a further donation, to help me out of the sixty percent doldrums. The system won’t let me see who you are, but you helped give me an extra boost, at a time when I feared a little for the project.

There’s a lot of work that goes into crowdfunding, but it’s been a rewarding experience, especially finding out a little bit more about the motivation for some of you to support this project. I like people and animals equally which, having seen what I’ve seen people do to animals, might surprise some of you. But you give me hope that society can change its attitude towards its use of animals and, undoubtedly, that is happening as more and more people look towards plant-based living.

While I’m not looking too much beyond just meeting the crowdfunder target, which is the basic funding needed to produce the book for you to read, if it exceeds the 100% target, then royalties begin to be generated on additional book sales. I will create a fund, where any royalties I receive will go into maintaining the health and welfare of the rescue animals I care for at the micro-sanctuary I run with my fiancée in Cornwall. We currently have 17 dogs, cats, ducks and chickens that we’ve rescued from shelters, factory farms and slaughterhouses. After such tragic lives we are hell-bent on offering them (and any new rescues we feel able to rehome) the best life experience possible.

Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm for the project.

I’ll keep you posted on meeting the next target - the 100% figure.




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