Not As Nature Intended

By Rich Hardy

A story of the exploitation of animals for food, fashion and entertainment from the unique perspective of an undercover investigator.

Friday, 29 March 2019


I just wanted to say a massive thanks to all of you for supporting this project. Thanks to you I'm now fully funded and will get the chance to tell these stories in print (and digital for those of you who are digital fans ;-)

I have a few weeks to finish the manuscript, at which point the production process will begin with Unbound. I'll continue to post updates on my progress and to help keep you updated on the timeline for print.

Once again, thanks so much for putting your support into this project. By doing so, you are helping me to help the animals.

In kindness,


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Susan Fabrican
 Susan Fabrican says:

Hi Rich, congratulations! Will you be promoting the book far and wide? Talk shows, interviews, etc? Did you use fake names of bosses and coworkers and facilities in the book? Are you in any danger? Thank you for your years and years of labor of love for animals. Susan

posted 2nd April 2019

Susan Fabrican
 Susan Fabrican says:

Really enjoyed your talk with Earthling Ed.

posted 2nd April 2019

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