Not As Nature Intended

By Rich Hardy

A story of the exploitation of animals for food, fashion and entertainment from the unique perspective of an undercover investigator.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

First proofs, endorsements and illustrations all coming in for Not As Nature Intended

Hey all,

Just a quick update as the book is getting close to publication now, with January fast approaching.

I've seen 'first proofs' and it's amazing to see my words sitting neatly on paper! And it's all thanks to you!

I've also some wonderful (and exciting) endorsements starting to roll in and they'll go onto the book jacket too, all of which is super helpful in giving the book the best chance of reaching as many hearts and minds as possible.

The book is also illustrated! Vita Sleigh a kind and talented soul has created some awesome chapter headings, one of which I've included here. For those of you receiving the Giclee print reward with your book, you will not be disappointed!


You can discover more about her and the work she makes here

They'll be further updates soon.

Thanks all!


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