By Dan Sheehan and Sage Coffey

You are a HUMAN MAN navigating every day life, dating, bus etiquette and other important human concerns. You are definitely NOT A WOLF.

Friday, 12 July 2019

Illustration Update!

Hey there gang, it's been a second.

I'm just coming off of a Fourth of July filled with meat and fireworks (which, by the way,The Wolf canonically enjoys despite the fact that they are loud and terrifying.) But I've also been working on book edits for the last few weeks! We're at a stage in the process where I'd love to spill the beans about everything that's happening but doing so would spoil this thing I've spent a long time writing so I apologize that this book gossip isn't juicier. But what I do have to share should hopefully be a suitable substitute for spoilers.

Now that the story is more or less locked in, Sage has been working on the illustrations and as always, they're doing an incredible job. These are some early sketches they sent me of three of the most non-spoilery images we can show you. The Wolf is looking very professional and I'm obsessed with how anatomically correct Sage has left him. For me so much of the fun of this character is that he's essentially a big ol' dog, and it's so fun seeing Sage bring that to life. These are extra fun because while they provide a tiny bit of insight to the story, I can absolutely promise that having seen them will not make it any easier for you to predict what's going on in this story.

I'll be turning in my next draft later this month, which should get the editing process that much closer to being completed. I'm counting down the days until next year so that you all can finally read this thing, but in the meantime I'll be updating with anything I can along the way. Meanwhile, enjoy Sage's beautifully drawn Wolf signing a birthday card and overindulging in a number of deacdent foods.



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Arthur Dreese
 Arthur Dreese says:

Looking forward to the book.
Also, how's the plush coming along? :)

posted 15th July 2019

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