No Lipstick in Lebanon

By Paul Timblick with Fasika Sorssa

High-rise hell: an Ethiopian maid’s frantic scramble for life in the Middle East

Monday, 10 November 2014

Horrific Beirut video

Caught on a mobile phone today, a domestic worker in Beirut (probably Ethiopian but not 100% sure) jumps or is pushed to her death. The authorities will say she jumped, and even if she did jump, what kind of terrible working conditions drove her to suicide? 

The footage is a stark and horrific reminder that many in Lebanon see migrant workers' lives as cheap and dispensable. My book also aims to demonstrate this repulsive situation. To view the clip, you need to copy and paste this (sorry, I don't have the tools, time or technical know-how to mess around with video clips)....


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Paul Timblick
 Paul Timblick says:

She survived and she was Ethiopian and she jumped to escape some kind of abuse incident in the apartment. I hope she can safely return home after she is released from hospital. More here..

posted 11th November 2014

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