No Good Deed

By Ewan Lawrie

Moffat the Magniloquent along the Mississippi

Monday, 17 June 2019

State of Play

[A screenshot of No Good Deed's dashboard, edited using gimp and]


Well "Latest Update" is a damned boring title for an update isn't it? Were you aware that there is no copyright on titles? I wasn't until I started writing seriously... Not that anything I write is entirely serious, you understand. Anyway, State of Play was a good TV series and an OK film and neither has anything to do with this post.

No Good Deed's campaign is at 85%. My experience with Gibbous House has shown that pledges often come in from people when the campaign reaches 95% as they want to be sure of getting a book. That's unfortunate, I'm sure there are quite a few prospective Unbound books that don't see the light of day because of this phenomenon. Don't forget, you can have your money back if No Good Deed doesn't see the light of day.

State of Play

Well, that's it. Tell your friends it's worth backing. Suggest people who might be interested to me and I'll write to them, without breaking any of the laws surrounding Data Protection, of course. Many thanks to those of you who've backed No Good Deed already, you are diamonds.



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