No Good Deed

By Ewan Lawrie

Moffat the Magniloquent along the Mississippi

Monday, 8 July 2019

Reclusive Author Ventures Out

No, not Pynchon: me.

                    Rare limited edition poster [Made by me]

Next Sunday, 14th July, armed with a card-reader and more copies of Gibbous House than I can ever hope to sell in a month of them, I will be setting up a/setting out my stall at the event of the year,  The Albert Club Summer Fete. Quite why this event does not constitute part of "The Season", I shall never understand. Anyway, due to circumstances very much beyond my own control, this is the first opportunity I have had to do something like this. If you're in Manchester, why not come along? After your 5 minutes talking to me there are plenty of other, more interesting stalls.

£1 entry for Albert members, £2 non-members, all under 14s go free.

Please note, it's the Albert Club, home of #BeerOClock, Didsbury: so there is beer, too

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