No Good Deed

By Ewan Lawrie

Moffat the Magniloquent along the Mississippi

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Lockdown: what it means for your copy of No Good Deed

Well, obviously, Unbound WFH will have some effect on all of the books currently funded but not actually in production. What effect that will be I do not know. I am writing to Unbound to see if I can find out whether NGD has moved on at all since I last contacted you. There IS nothing else I can do until I receive finalised artwork and proofs for checking. Please be patient, there are other much more important things to think about.

Anyway, I have put aside Moffat III for the last fortnight and have been working on something that will never, ever in several millennia get published. It's called 'Fools Rush In'. A PI called Gabriel Chandler is hired by a client to find his first wife, long since an ex-. She's called Lilith. There are about 28,000 words so far. It's not for the religious but it's fun, so why not give it a try? All 42 short parts are on ABCTales. Part one is below. Below that is a link to where you can find the rest of 'Fools Rush In'. There's a bit of scrolling needed to hunt out the next episodes you need but I'm sure you're all clever enough to work it out. Beware of earworms as you read.
Anyway, Fools Rush In Part One:

[Image source Wikipedia-Commons Image released into the public domain by the photographer "Ingolfson"]

The Client

It wasn’t much to go on, he said. I looked over the desk at him, peered past my
feet and the bottle. You’ve got to say that for the Big Fellah’s
pets: they invented booze. It sounded like a job for those dummies on
South Revelation Row. Ever heard that ad? A five minute song on the

‘If you are needing a devil to fight…’

Dumb song, dumb company. Besides, they’re the competition here in Third
Heaven. I took my feet off the desk and offered the client a drink.
His wings went up pretty high and he looked down his nose at me. I
shrugged and poured myself a large one.

‘How long has she been missing?’

‘Not long… a coupla thousand.’

‘That’s a long time for the Earthbound, my friend.’

Something moved behind his eyes,

‘Yeah, well. Since you mention it…’

‘What? She’s down there?’

Nobody,not even those palookas the Blazing Apostles took those jobs.

‘It’ll cost more. It’s hard, passing. T’ain’t comfortable keeping the
wings hid, and all.’

Nobody but me. I always took the jobs that the Saved offered. I shook Adam’s
hand and promised I’d get back to him.

It took a while to get the paperwork to take the Hellavator. My insurance was
valid as long as I didn’t take it all the way down, and, since I
wasn’t going to, the clerk sold me a return ticket. Most of the
passengers were working stiffs, from Mr Jordan’s or doing Guardian
duties. Lucky to be in jobs, seeing how things were down there among
the Earthbound. Not much call for annunciations if no-one believed in
anything. Oh there was a spike in the employment figures around the
Earthbound Millenium, but it had been downhill since then. Eternity
was boring without a job. That’s why there’d been so many
startups like mine – and those Apostles.


The rest of FRI is here, scroll down past parts 10-19 to find part 2

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Ewan Lawrie
 Ewan Lawrie says:

Or I could serialise it on here if you want?

posted 31st March 2020

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