No Good Deed

By Ewan Lawrie

Moffat the Magniloquent along the Mississippi

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Here Is The News!

[Image made by me at]


Here is a mock-up created using the finished artwork for No Good Deed, designed by Ecob, whose work - as you can see from the graphic in this post - is familiar to you all.

It's all suddenly a bit more real. Hoorah!!!

I'm told all is on course for September publication, subject to the Yellow Jack not flying over Britain for the whole of the summer.

There, that's cheered me up, I hope it did 'you all' too.

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Paul Waters
 Paul Waters says:

Good looking cover Ewan.

posted 2nd April 2020

Ewan Lawrie
 Ewan Lawrie says:

Oh thank you! I love it. They've done exactly what I asked and tied it very closely to GH's cover. I really am pleased! On another note, just confirmed my pledger name for Blackwatertown! I'm excited about receiving it.

posted 2nd April 2020

Julie Warren
 Julie Warren says:

That's a great cover Ewan!

posted 3rd April 2020

Ewan Lawrie
 Ewan Lawrie says:

Thanks Julie! You are #2 on the pile of books beside my bed. It's a beautiful looking book!

posted 6th April 2020

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