No Good Deed

By Ewan Lawrie

Moffat the Magniloquent along the Mississippi

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Doll Drums: Safely Negotiated for Now

[Image was Barbie playing the drums]

Doll Drums

Last week's update made mention of the doldrums I was sure that the campaign to unleash Moffat II on the world would enter. Enter them it did, but we achieved a 1% increase in the total. At 1% a week this means the book would be fully funded by October 2019. A smooth flow through the Edit, Typeset, Proofs, Print stages would mean the book would be in backers hands by March 2020, most likely on my 59th birthday.
I'd like it to happen sooner than that, so could I ask you generous people to give a little of your time to spreading the word? If you stumble across one of my social media posts would you mind sharing or retweeting? Do look out for anything attributed to Please Allow Me Inc. who have their own Facebook Page. The proprietor claims to be a marketing expert responsible for the innovation that is Fakevertising ®. Some of what he posts (I'm told) is quite funny.

One of Please Allow Me's more striking efforts [A screenshot, image made at using their image and the GH Cover. Please sue Photofunia, not me.]

Please Allow Me Inc. claim to have offices in Cricklewood, and a staff of several. I am quite sure that the Cricklewood PAM describes exists only in his mind, but it does seem a jolly place to visit from time to time.

Please do not lose friends banging on about No Good Deed, that's my job, but I'd be very grateful for any efforts you make, after all they can't be any less effective than PAM! :-D


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